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NEW IN 2023
2 Nick & Rosemary books
Murder at the Battle of Worcester
Barton Stacey/Stacey Barton - missing
Sid Mouse & the Electric Cats of Death

The Waterguard (published 2012, republished 2022) 
Misfits and Miscreants (2020)
Just one look
Post and Perfidy (2020)                                          Through Fire
A well-respected man    (2015)                              (published 2014/15)
The Summer of Love ( 2013) 
Defenestration and Devilment (2020)
Inland, illicit and incompetent (2020)                    By Water (2016)
Nothing was delivered (2015)
Something in the air  (2015)
For all we know (2023)                                            Out of Sight (2017)
Bankers Draught (2014)   
Along the Watchtower   (2015)
The Magic of Heka (2023)                Borne on the Wind - Rushilara
Heard it on the grapevine (2016)    Borne on the Wind - Kaarvin 
Brussels Sprout (2017)                                                               Zuwran  
Our Friends in the South (2017)  
Fools' Copper (Not to be confused with Ghost Beer) (2017)
Kisses sweeter than wine (2017)
Copper Kettle (2017)                       
Magic Clarinet (2017)
On a Carousel (2018)
Ballad of a thin man (2018)       
Corridors of Secrecy (2018)    The Disappearing Crows of Jurmala 
Old Ghosts  (2018)
The road to nowhere (2022)
Medicine Man (2018)
Eight miles high (2018)        Barton Stacey/Stacey Barton - Missing 
Ghosts in the machine (2019)
In a rich man's world (2020)       Murder at the Putney Debates (2020)
Market Forces (2019)                    Murder in a time of plague (2020)
End of the road (2019)                  Murder at the Restoration (2021)
It's all over now, baby Blue (2019)     Murder in a time of Fire (2021)
Murder at the Baltic Coast Hotel (2015)
Death on the Volga (2019)     Murder at Barebones Parliament  (2022)
Between the mountains and the sea (2020)
The body in the Marine Building  (2019)
Empty Lands (2020)              Murder at the Battle of Worcester (2023)
Sunrise, sunset (2020)
No stranger on the shore (2021)
Kenavo (2021)
We saw the sea (2021)
The legend of the Collector's clock (2021)
Carillon (2022)
Fallen Leaves (collected poems) (2021)
My life as a green balloon (short stories/memoir) (2021)
Reflections on the plague year (2021)
More reflections: the second year of the plague(2022)
A journey through the year (2023)


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